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New hair

Well I like it...

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(Deleted comment)

Well, y'know, there are worse people to try to be :o)

I'm confused. Did you see the picture? I couldn't so I deleted the post. So as I said - I am confused.

I saw - it was Freddie... I approved of the comparison :o)

I shall be less rude about the double mohawk now it's a different colour :-P

That will fade to pink when you wash it enough. Especially so during your excessively long showering sessions.


I second TMA's hah.

I third my own Hah.

yay. your mission now is to dress so that everything you wear clashes with your hair


me likes. especially since your expression in the last one makes me think you should branch out into loan commercials. "Where can a cerise mohawked guy like me go for an approved credit rating?"

hmm...i'll go away now. and not to steal all your funky posters.

i never thought i'd say this but i prefer the pink to the blonde.
but maybe thats cos ur hair is my fav colour

ps love the cheesy pose

by the way could i get u to come to B+Q with me so they can make me a pot of paint of the same colour?

You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone.

Save your breath, I never was one

woah, sexy poster you have there, mate.

i like it. tis great. and pink.

*reads comments*

*re-reads comments*

where the fuck are steven's insults? :p

Ahh! I like it! It's so.. not you. But it looks awesome strangely.

Ever thought about using minight blue-ish?

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