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I'm getting colder every year
Well, Rachel has gone... Damnit, twelve hours isn't long enough :o\

We change to winter, this is how I'm feeling, this is how I feel...

I love this song. I mean, I really do... *sigh*

I have her ear rings... I just noticed that she left them... Her ear rings, her £2.60, and the smell of her.. that's all that's left in this room now... But it's enough for me to be able to close my eyes and feel her around me. I wish we'd had more time though - we didn't get a chance to have a really good talk, and it's a shame, because we're really good at that....

Poor Claire slept downstairs last night, so as to avoid being in the next room to me. Oh well, it's not exactly my fault or problem...

... and still we spin in the dance until we fall down, dizzy on each other...

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i got your text messages but could not reply as the western world is built on an evil currency denomination system where 'money' must be exchanged for 'happiness'. bastards.

i had no calling credit...

but yeah, i'll have to come back to get my earrings... or you could just send them to me :P anyway, i'm at work now, so i'd better go, but *kiss* talk to you soon, i don't want to get fired... :P

wachie xxx

Yeah, I gathered it was a credit thing :o)

And you can damned well come back on my birthday and get them. I'm already counting down the days :o)

(unless I come up to see you before then, which I certainly might)


Talk to you later :o)

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