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Fuck me...

Wait, hold that, no thanks. I'm that tired that if you try to do that, I'll probably just pass out from exhaustion. And where's the fun in that then?

I'm back from the Skunks mini-tournament in Southampton, and we didn't do too badly. Our two teams were seeded 8 and 9 ouit of 16, and both managed to improve their seed by two, finishing 6 and 7. Met a lot of people, many of whom I will continue to know in at least a passing manner for the rest of the year, as we go through tournaments. Special mention has to go to Aye-Aye, who were a fantastic team, great spirit, and also cheered us on the whole time. They went on to finish 9th, and win the plate, so that's not bad.

All in all, I didn't play too splendidly on the Saturday, on account of not having any sleep. This was highlighted at the party afterwards, when I realised it had been 40 hours since I slept. Still, I tried my best... Then on Sunday, with the practice of having played the previous day and learned from the better players, I didn't do too badly. At one point, I had the disc, through it to Waggle and sprinted to the end-zone to receive the hammer he threw for me, and thus got us a point. And there were a couple of tricky catches that I managed to pull off too, which was nice.

And one incident which needs writing down involves this poor girl who had to mark me. I spent the whole weekend playing very deep, staying in the end-zone throughout most of the games. The idea in that situation is to hang around in the middle and make darting runs to either side, timing them so that somebody will throw the disc for you to receive just before you slam into the wall, and thus get a point. Anyhow, this girl was marking me, and so at the start I ran straight to the end-zone. She was stood a little in front of me, so to put her off, I faked to the left. She ran several yards out that way before realising, so she ran back, just as I faked to the right. She thought I was making a run to the right having faked her, so she sprinted over to the right. When she noticed that I was still stood still, she ran back, I faked left, she ran left again. I had her running backwards and forwards without having to take more than two steps out from the middle. It was classic :o)

But otherwise, I did look a bit of a tit, to be fair. I was just running backwards and forwards, and my timing was a bit off so I often failed to be where people wanted to throw it. Oh, and this one time, I tried to fake one direction and then turn sharply, and I knocked myself over. Queue laughter from the gallery. But then I flipped myself onto my feet, ran three steps and caught a disc in the end-zone, thus scoring a point. Reputation (such that it is) saved :o)

Anyway, now it's time for me to have a shower, because I've played two days at a tournament and then had a two hour practice on campus (though I did shower on Saturday night at Polly's house), so I need it. And I also need to rest my foot, on account of having a suspected metatarsal stress fracture. I quite hope it's just tendonitis myself, but either way, it's not looking so great. After the Edinburgh tournament, I'm going to see a doctor about it, because it's probably not good...

Either way, it's shower time.. Friends-Only post to follow in a while, with a few more details, but mostly just further tedium....

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I don't understand the game, and am too tired to try and understand it (sorry :P)

but well done :) xx

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