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Fucking Hell

I've made it through a lot of alcohol tonight.. There was aftershock, and vodka, and vanilla brandy, and tequila, and more aftershgoick, and more vodka. I wish I could be sick, if only to feel better...

Earlier I found the Punker Bunker, which happens to be just a few streets down from my house. That's wjhere Shani and I will advertise for band members, when ew're good.

So, drinks at Falmer Bar. Did blue aftershock, held it in my mouth for a minute, gargled it, swallowed it, then breathed in. Ow.

Um, switching to Friends only. Sorry

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Yup, looks that way :o)

yeah i commented and then deleted it cos i scrolled up and saw a friends only that was with me... oh nevermind. are you still intoxicated? :o)

Yes, so I'm taking myself back off to bed :o)

sweet dreams then. byebye.

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