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[14:16:22] <TSC> That's just stupid
[14:16:32] <TMA> That's my nan for you
[14:16:59] <TSC> I can see how you might be related

And now I must get ready for going out... Oh, it should be such fun :o)

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hope you are well, I'll ring you soon. Am home this weekend are you? take care Becca x

No, 'fraid not, but don't worry, I've not forgotten your birthday. If I don't speak to you before then, I'll ring you on Sunday :o)

probably just as well as I am goign out for a tourture evening with the peeps I know, but I wanted you to come to my family meal!

Sorry :o\

But I'll make sure I see you tons at Christmas, if you want :o)

i need to talk to you bout stuff.

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