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And now I have two of them

Must be up in 6 hours, so g'night.....

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So, that's what Satan looks like... I did wonder.

You know what, I was gonna insult it, the hairdo I mean. I feel it deserves to be a person of it's own y'know...but anyway, I was gonna insult it, but then I thought y'know what, that guy has more balls than go for it dude...if it feels good do it! RAWK on...

I know, anyone who has the nerve not only to do that, but put pictures of themselves like that on the internet deserves our respect. Go Jamie. Go Jamei. Go Jeami, go, go.


Cool Red Dwarf poster in the background.

dye your eyebrows! DYE YOUR EYEBROWS!!!!!! *goes quietly insane*

No, it's a REALLY bad idea, and nobody should ever do it.

I agree with that statement 20000000%

yeah i get your point there.......

Dye your pubes! DYE YOUR PUBES!!!! ...*runs around*

Um, no. There are a thousand reasons why that's a bad idea too.

List them.

Go on.

From #1 - #1000



Oh dear me - now dats funny!

It's like the devil's horns... but not... o.o

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