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Juan cut my hair for me... He was captain of the Mohawks last year, so it's only fitting...

I'm well happy with it :o)

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it suits you, ste's just a miserable bastard : p

yea, i'm a miserable bastard.

but it doesnt stop that haircut sucking.. :p

Pot, Kettle, Black.

the hair's groovy. the smile's scary.
put those teeth AWAY!!! :oP

you know I get tons of spam about avoiding male pattern baldness. I'll forward some over..

Hey, It ok if I add you to my "friends" list ... People list would be more fitting :) But v. cool hair - the colour suits you :D

woop for the blondeness!
blonde is very good
the cut is ... erm ... different but not in a bad way
i do prefer how it looks in the user pic
me likey


It looks good the the second picture... and the last... I think it that damn cheesy porno facial hair thats putting me off... and the grin, the porno grin...


(i just replied to my own comment... i am like BADASS!)

How could you take that in a good way?

(Deleted comment)
It certainly is interesting... and I see you kept your blonde hair... but won't you be kind of cold in the coming months?

!! You have a Red Dwarf poster! (all praise me for stating the bloody obvious)
And your hair kicks ass!

Well, that should boost the sale of cornish pasties no end.

like the color. vanilla, lol.
that smile is scary. put it away.

neat-o. :D bleached blond mohawks, perplexing, but unusual is *always* good. my throat hurts and i just watched the final fantasy movie. :D

I saw that film in the cinema and it left me depressed for weeks. It was so incredibly shit. I spent a year or so convinced it was the worst film ever. Then I saw Kevin & Perry Go Large.

i thought it was a great film. it was *so* final fantasy, but that's what i wanted. the characters were lame, but other than that, i liked it.

kevin & perry really did fucking bite though.

Just when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore! Oh man I have to keep copies of these just to embarass you when you are - ummm - older!


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