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Impulse Purchasing
Thank God for our bookshop. It has a mini-superdrug in it, so Vicky, Lulu and myself went there to get Vicky's eye-lash curlers on the way back from Maths. Big mistake - I set foot inside the bookshop and needed to spend money. Dilbert books, Far Side books, Calvin and Hobbes books - I needed them all. Thankfully, due to some sort of hideous error, the bookshop had none of the above. So I didn't go spend all my money, thankfully. Now that could have been really bad...

So, today... Well, I've had one of my more successful days so far - been to everything (for the first time, I think). Had a workshop on Stats and Probability before any lectures on it, which was an interesting way to do it... I can't believe how forgetful I can be, it really is quite astounding. I hadn't forgotten any of the material from a-level, far from it, I'd forgotten that with regard to both Statistics and Probability I am (modesty aside) a friggin' genius. I am reminded of the time when I was just idly doing backwards A|B work in my head without any knowledge of Bayes Theorem... Bayes Theorem is just too silly - it puts on paper that which I can comfortably just look at and do by totally different methods. In short, I've grown an exceptionally big head, after realising that compared to the chumps on my course, I'm a Probability God. I can mentally represent probability spaces in ways that literally can't be drawn in either 2 or 3 dimensions - give me three tests and their probabilities conditional on one another etc., and I'll mentally draw out funny 4 dimensional pathways describing all potentially calculable permutations. I know I shouldn't go on about it, but damn I am so good. And Statistics? Bearing in mind that I was given the Stats in Action book one day, and then a few months later told that my test was in 4 days. I'd not even opened it. I went home, read it through twice, and passed the test reasonably, with a good understanding of covariance, t-tests, and all the other complicated statistical techniques that the other Further Mathematicians had shunned in favour of pinging elastic bands in the name of mechanics. Bah. I've done more than half an a-level on Stats, whereas many people on my course haven't even done any a-leve statistics, having chosen to do their modules on Mechanics or Discrete topics. So, really, this module will be pants.

OK, enough of going on about how great I am. The seven of us (myself, Vicky, Claire, James, Harry, Alex, Sarah) are going to look into flats soon, which should be good. A nice big seven-person flat will totally rule. We'll have a widescreen TV (rented), my computer serving MP3s to the house, and it'll just generally kick ass. So long as we get one. Hence why we're checking it out early...

Goes to do LJ style

Comes back

Wow... That took ages.... But I now have 100 images for use as my comments button. Hope people like them - that's about 2mb of images there :o)

Um, in other news, I'm about to click the "POST" button. Any objections? Tough...

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"Impulse Purchasing"

What did you impulsivly purchase?

Or did I read the update too quickly?

The point was to make the reader think that I had bought something on impulse, when really I was foiled by the shop. I wanted to impulse-spend, but wasn't given the chance :o)

Ahh, I see. I'm with you

Well, you did a good job of fooling this reader

Me too. Which was possibly the reason, to get me swearing at the computer, then at my son for being as useless with money as I am. And then he goes and says that he didn't spend any!!!!


PS Nice to see that your modesty is in good working order.

My modesty works fine, I'm just choosing not to use it...

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