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And another song.. I started recording Alkaline Trio - Radio, and then got royally bored of it... So instead I did what I was going to do all along, and just recorded Speak and the Devil Appears, by Audio Karate. And as an experiment, I tried seeing what the stupid drum kit instrument on my keyboard sounded like. Then I didn't bother taking it out, because it added a little more depth...

Suckers for Self Destruction - Speak and the Devil Appears

So yeah, I'm not a fan of the vocals, but I boosted their volume anyway, just because I couldn't think of a reason not to. It needs finishing (the end is missing), and I haven't mixed it properly yet, but otherwise, it's sort of done... Enjoy (or otherwise)....

BTW: Oh, and the reason I'm more proud of this than pretty much any of the other songs I've recorded is that there is no guitar tab for this song anywhere online. Like, at all. So I had to tab it out for myself, so I'm all chuffed that it actually worked....

Oh, and I've updated the database on my site so that the (rather poor) downloads page is current: Click Here.

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Are you open to song suggestions... i dont know any of them... ; p

I know a few songs that might suit your voice...

Go for it, suggest away... If I don't know the song, I can always download and learn it...

Bros - When Will I Be Famous

Pardon me, I appear to have forgotten the ;)



Flamethrower - I Ate My Own Hands And Now I Can't Wank

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