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New Plan
Right, well since waking up had been such a problem before, I've now solved it. By putting a carton of long-life milk out on the roof immediately out of my window, and keeping my bowl and spoon in my room at night, I can have breakfast without putting clothes on or leaving my room. This morning, that really works - I have a 10:15am lecture, and I've managed to get up, eaten, and gotten dressed, all by 9am. This is good. It means I can sod off to the computer labs for a bit, see :o)

Anyhow, in other news, watched Blade Runner last night with Ebs and Harry. I was meant to fetch Joyce when we watched it, but Alex told me that "everybody" was too tired and didn't feel like it, so I'd assumed that included her. She wasn't so happy. Bah, I'll let her watch it some other time to make up for it. Ebs and I have a good chat about everything that's going on at present, which was nice...

Right now, I'm thinking about music. There are certain songs I love just for the vocals on them. These include the Goo Goo Dolls songs "So Far Away" and "Burnin' Up", Everclear's "Short Blonde Hair" and "Learning How to Smile", some miscellaneous live Pearl Jam songs... Specifically, the following lines:

In So Far Away, the line "Something I don't know" in the chorus, the main bit and especially the backing - this alone makes it one of my favourite songs

In Burnin' Up, the line "Come and take my hand tonight, I'll show you where to start", and pretty much the rest of that particular verse. Due to this very part, it's been one of my favourite Goo Goo Dolls songs since I first got the album it's on.

In Short Blonde Hair, the line "All I ever wanted to do was learn how to break this world in two", the second time its sung (the song basically has one verse, sung twice). For that line alone, it's currently my favourite song off Everclear's new album, and is rapidly becoming my favourite song of all time (I have a shortcut to it on my taskbar so I can just add it to any given playlist about 10 times so I keep hearing it). The entire second verse is so great, but that line especially. To my mind, the song is also kind of a sequel in many ways to Learning How to Smile, one of my favourite tracks off the previous album. I don't know entirely why I think that, but they seem to be in a similar style. Also, SBH does have the line "I'm learning how to smile and I just don't care"...

In Learning How to Smile, the line(s) "Five miles outside of Vegas five years down the line, we got married in the desert in the sunshine" (simply because... well, I just like references back to first verses, sung with nicer vocals) and "Yes I know there ain't no finish line, I know this never ends, I'm just learning how to fall, climb back up again, I know there's nothing perfect, I know there's nothing new, we are just learning how to live together, me and you" (which I shall now talk about). I'm still not quite sure what it is about that line, exactly, but whatever it is has made this song a must-have in practically any winamp playlist which includes any Everclear. Part of why I love it is indeed the vocals, but also there's the music in the background - if you listen carefully, you can hear a scale down from (I think) G, which goes back up a bit at the end, then goes down slowly. Watch out for it. Dunno why, but I just love that part in the background, in addition to the vocals.

In a Pearl Jam track that I have yet to identify (I ain't so great on their names), the line "I hope you get this message, or you're not home, I could be there in ten minutes or so, I've got my things, we'll make it up as we go along, with you I can never be alone". Additionally, in "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town", pretty much the whole song is just great. But do I really have to justify to anybody why I love the vocals on Pearl Jam songs? Is there anybody in the universe who can't see how amazing they are? I bloody well hope not.....

Right, I think it's time for me to leave you all for some lectures. I have a Stats and Probability workshop at 10:15 (which should be interesting, having not yet attended a single SP lecture), followed by a lecture on Stats and Probability, which will be a nice introduction to the topic after a workshop on it. Mind you, half my Further Maths and a quarter of my Maths a-levels were on Stats and Probability - non FM students can't possibly know all the stats I do, on account of having to do a few mechanics options too, and stuff. In short, we'll be going over the stuff I did in Stats in Action at the very worst (which was one of my worst modules, but I did self-teach it to myself in the 3 days before the exam, and since it made up 10% of my Further Maths a-level, that's really not bad going). Then I have a Further AI lecture at 2pm, then nothing more until Monday. Woohoo :o)


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