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Songs I could record tomorrow...

Poll #70075 Pick a song

So go on then, which one....

JJ72 - Oxygen
Alkaline Trio - Radio *
Boxcar Racer - Letters to God
Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy
The Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules (a new version)
Less than Jake - Gainesville Rock City
Fenix TX - Threesome
Audio Karate - Speak and the Devil Appears *
Something original by me

I already have a fair idea - the ones with asterisks are the ones I really really wanna do...

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I don't see the option for "Nothing I will offer no aural offense tomorrow"! ;0)


Go for the last option - I don't seem to be able to write long songs, it's probably the shortest and least complicated option ;o)

Heheheheh - ok then! Although I could well be opening myself up to suffering an awful cacophany nonetheless! ;0)

'tis the only one I know :-)

(Deleted comment)
umm, random i know, but if you go to you can get a free CD *nods*

(Deleted comment)
Hmm, I will get my bf to apply for one too if you want, then I can send one over to you...

Fuck the poll just do radio, by far the best song there. From by far their best album.

I doubt you'll beat the HWM cover tho...that's awesome. That whole EP is...

Still go for it, it's one cover I'd love to hear.

It'd be more modelled on the HWM cover than the original anyway... I don't want to cover a song in exactly the same style as an original.

The other weekend, I played a slow version on a classical acoustic guitar with big thick nylon strings, which was fun too.. But not really very marketable :o)

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