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Yay, I recorded another song.

Suckers for Self Destruction - 99 Luftballons

Just to confuse you all, it's in German. Because for some reason I can sing in German and French, allegedly better than I can in English. Probably because my emphasis is on syllables rather than words, and so it's easier or something...

Download it. It's like, my favourite one I've done, because it actually sounds good to me. Strong lead guitar and stuff (even if it's not complicated). Hooray :o)

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i adore that song. would you marry me?


You are does sound good...I happened upon your LJ from a friend. Good luck with your singing carreer if htat's where you are going. That song rocks by the way. First I've heard it was in Europe. Take care.

you act like a 12-year-old, silly.

I sometimes think that I am a 12 yo trapped in this aged old man's body....can you help me?

i dun wanna know how you plan on getting out. silly girl you.

you're a silly ol' man. hehehe.

yes...I love my age. :-)

Only because I'm beautiful and youthful!! LOL

Re: Kewl Tune!!

Dude wtf is wrong with your arm?

uh i think it's muscle-y?

it's pretty.

(Deleted comment)
Heh, thanks :o)

And feel free - it'll be novel for people to actually enjoy listening to my songs :o)

though i'm not anymore, it's cutting out and stuff all the time. bah!

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