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Good Hair Day

New Jamie again.....

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Nicely bleached, son. Though your abs need work to rival mine :p

My abs will never equal yours. Yours are art.

I second the ab comment . .

Liam has wonnnnnnderful abs.

I am somewhat concerned about how red your face is in the third picture. Remember what I taught you about breathing out as well as breathing in and you should be fine.

Your face would be red too if you were sticking a fork in your crotch...

I've noticed that there really are some skinny people on Livejournal. Who's skinniest out of you and david? It's a tough one to call, but my money's on david.

They really arnt that skinny atall...

Especially not you james, you need to watch those calories man. You know there is something called mordid obesity...

I don't know - Jamie's tall so it makes him look proportionally thinner, but David *is* thinner, in the strict sense.

You skinny bastards. *hides*

When did bros come back into fashion?

Well I'd have tried emulating you, but the anti-ageing cream would have had to be a lot stronger.....

Dude, flawed logic. If I remember bros I can hardly be that young.

We were talking appearance, not actual age, ergo my logic was fine.

Ah, but I now look 80 years old.

the word 'bros' is just funny on it's own...

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