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This body.. this body holding me...
I did interact with the real world today, I promise. Without sleep, and on a few cans of Red Bull, the entire experience was quite odd really, but I'll try and get it written down before my eyeballs melt.

I had a meeting with my project supervisor today. His comments about my final year dissertation were "That's really difficult, most people would do that as a research project and get a half million pound grant for it". He gave me suggestions about how I could improve it, and I think I'll do that instead. It's the same project, with a different emphasis, and slightly more possible to do.

Then I signed up for the sports federation membership thing. I have a card, it's got my name on it and a picture of me looking mean. I also look just like my cousin Brian in it, which is weird, but people have always told us we look alike. I like how I look in it anyway. It's the last picture to have dark hair, because I'm bleaching it later. I'm in a weird mood, I might do something silly with it, I don't know yet.

But yes, I'm a member of the sports federation. My card is for Ultimate Frisbee and S-Extreme, which means that should I wish to do so, I can throw plastic around and fall out of planes.

Plan for tomorrow is Frisbee. And maybe the pub afterwards. But I need to write my project proposal at some point too. We'll see how it all goes. Depends on my mood, and my willingness to see certain people. We'll see......

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That's really difficult, most people would do that as a research project and get a half million pound grant for it".

Erm - I'd love to see the student who could do that!! I managed £40,000 and that was supposedly unprecendented so half a million! Erm - inflation has just spiralled hasn't it!

The assumption was that if done properly, it would be a better interface onto an e-mail client than currently exists. It would also extend the field of applied natural language processing quite considerably. I've no doubt that many companies would pay quite a lot in sponsorship in order to get hold of said technology :o)

Erm - if any companies of worth had recognised such advantages for the investment - I'm sure they would have done such work by now!

But then - I could always be wrong! :0)

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