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Okay, the dinner is almost ready...

For the first course, we have chicken breast, with a slightly salted cheese filling, wrapped in bacon. This is being oven baked so that the bacon goes crispy, and the cheese melts. Just before it's done, Mozzarella is sprinkled over the top, so that it melts over the bacon. This is then served with a simple cheese sauce, and a couple of rolls, and is accompanied by a red wine. For dessert we have vanilla ice cream with a home-made toffee sauce.

This is more or less the most complicated thing I've ever made... But it was important to me that I did - it's a skill I have to learn sometime :o)

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Sounds great :) Well done.

... but you still suck. :p

gawd, I'm on a diet and that really hurt to read. Hmmm well eat some from me. So far today I've had an apple. *ugh*

A whole apple? What? Are you crazy or something? Do you want to get fat?!


Dear God, how can you post such scintillating details to someone on a college food meal plan?

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