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Jag vill ha roligt
Am I right, am I wrong, or am I just dreaming? Oh, how I love Erasure, and all things 80s synth pop... Especially this current song, "Home", the last song on their 1991ish album Chorus, the first album I ever owned. It's so beautiful.....

Nothing says "We're not exclusive" like an ultimate sandwich

So, it's been a while since I last updated. I'm not dead, despite the all-too-smug rumours to that effect. So let's see if I can bring people up to date... Frisbee this afternoon, but my injuries just keep getting worse, and so I was barely able to run. I used to be one of the faster people on the team (somehow), and now I'm a cripple who can barely walk. As such, I didn't play much, and mostly sat on the sidelines.

Not much to tell really... went to the pub after that for a while, again, not drinking. It gets expensive. Helena and I left early anyway, we came back to mine to watch a couple of episodes of Friends on my computer... as one does... That's all going well, but I shan't elaborate at this stage. Really need to have a chat with Jimbo about it all, man to man, so to speak, but he's nowhere to be found. Oh well. Anyhow, she went home about an hour and a half ago, so I walked her up to the shopping centre for her to get her bus. She's coming over on Monday, and I'm making her dinner. Panic, panic, stress, food, cooking, argh. Oh well, it'll be an experience - Jimbo will be proud of me :o)

Off home tomorrow... Will catch a train when I wake up. Not sure when that'll be, but..... :o)

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ok hey, umm i was reading one of my friends lj's and it had a test on it....and the link was to your to get to the point..where is this test, cuz i can't find it and i want to take it.
thanks a bunch!

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