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Dra åt helvete (just kidding)
I went to the shops a few minutes ago, to buy pizza... It was good, I love those microwave ones... Anyway, that's not the point of my story. The point is, some guy in there asked me for money, and I actually turned him down. I think that's perhaps the first time since getting back to Brighton that I've not given money to a homeless guy. I felt slightly bad about it afterwards, but there were circumstances. For starters, he was inside the shop - he had somewhere warm he could be, so it wasn't an urgent thing. And secondly, he was stood in the doorway when I was on my way out of there when he asked, and he was kinda blocking my way. I felt cornered, and pressured, so I went into lockdown mode. If he'd just been sitting in a corner, I'd have been more likely to give him a couple of quid...

In fact, technically I turned down somebody earlier too... I was on my way out of the cinema, and this girl was huddled up just up the road from there, asking for money. I shook my head and walked past, and I made it about four steps away before I suddenly realised what I'd done. So I turned around, went back, and gave her a few quid. She was really pretty, which in a stupid shallow way just makes it all the more sad. I'm not saying it's a good thing when ugly people are homeless, but you know what I mean... Under different circumstances, she could be living out a great life somewhere, or something... These people so often have so much potential, and it's gutting to see it wasted.

The world isn't a perfect place, and there's much to be done to improve it, so it seems a shame that people are just wasting away doing nothing and society doesn't even care. If the homeless could build schools and hospitals, or volunteer for community work, and stuff like that.... But this country simply isn't geared up to allow that, and so they're left to rot on the streets while smug students sit around at home on their computers with their heating, and their array of unnecessary lifestyle accessories.... Sometimes I really want to just invite them back here, and spend a night in the warm, watching TV, but Jimbo would do his nut, and I'm not sure I entirely trust them not to kill me and nick my stuff anyway. I know I'd be desperate if I was in that situation...

I feel like I should go up to the shop and give that guy money, but I know he's warm for the night, and I'm sure he can get money off other people there. I'm hardly the most rich person I know, I simply can't afford to go give money to everybody I find... and yet I still try.... Stupid, really...

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have you seen american psycho?

Well geez, don't you just live in hobo central...I think I've only ever seen two homeless people in stockport in my life.

Well Brighton is friendly, warm, and full of cool stuff. If I was a hobo, I'd live here...

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