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On a whim, I went to the cinema earlier.. It was about twenty to five, and I found out that in ten minutes XXX would be on at the cinema by the beach, so I randomly just wandered down there to see it. It was great, I mean, there were rather poor parts of it, but overall it was extreme sports meets action hero type stuff. Loved it :o)

Oh, this from my brother...
This guy in Anna's year, Adam Thorpe, was making posters to remind people to give their pictures to the year book people and made one with a picture of Gary Glitter on saying "Give them to us before he gets them". There were a shit load of complaints about the bad taste of this so he made a poster with a picture of a dead person with a stick in his arse which said something along the lines of "See how much worse it could've been?". Then at the bottom it said "Please don't give me stick about this"
*lol*.. That guy will go far...

Anyhow, quiet day... My last one for a while... Oh well :o)


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