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What a crock..... I went to Tesco, and it turned out to be a Tesco Express, which basically means that they have nothing there. I might as well have walked to the marina and gone to the massive Wal*Mart there. Oh well, I'll know better another time...

The trip was, however, made up for by the moon. You know how normally it seems lit from a side, well this time it was lit from beneath, hanging just over the sea. And it was orange, the sort of orange you get out of street lights. And I looked at it over the cityscape, across the ocean... It looked like the city was lighting it itself... 'twas beautiful, ever so beautiful....

Anyway, I've had a good day. Apart from the bit of Frisbee where I was getting ready to throw the disc and it just fell out of my hands. Boy did I look a tit.. Oh well, happens to everyone at some point, apparently...

Bed time......

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Y'know all this talk about frisbee makes me feel so much better about myself :D

In what way, exactly?

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