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Latest Evening - The Stuff You Don't Normally See
Well, let's first focus on Harry pissing me off. Basically, we were talking about what it means if a guy runs away from a girl, and what it means if a girl runs away from a guy. I then commented that girls are way too complex, and Harry said something like "yeah, that's why you have such problems with them". What I nearly said was:

"The only problem I have is with certain mingers who won't take a hint that it's over and that I don't fancy their fat asses until I have to fuck their minds up sufficiently. If they'd all just fuck off and die, I'd be fine"

But I didn't... In other news, it looks like Ebs and his girlfriend are over - we've already started betting on how long it takes for him and Mice to get together. Especially since her new boyfriend (also called James) isn't over his ex, so they've broken up too (after being together for what, a minute?). She's been receiving much help from Marryat, who she dumped not a week ago, and who is now helping her first get with James, and then get over him. He's a nice guy, who certainly doesn't deserve a bitch like her. Additionally, my little plots on good ways of getting her back are coming along nicely - I can be a right vindictive bastard when I want. So far, I've found that James, Claire, Alex, Annie and myself all have an issue with her being such a heinous cow. Perhaps a nice direct confrontation is called for - with my M@$t3R 5Ki11z I should be able to sort something out to set that off, without having to be the person responsible...

And finally, Harry, James and myself had a nice little argument about Harry's
sexuality. Things she's done include:
Telling Mice and Alex that she'd go out with either of them if asked
Erotic dreams about Annie
Suggesting me and Alex have a threesome with her
Sitting on Alex's lap a lot
Laughing way too much at Alex's jokes
Telling Alex in a club the other night "If you were a bloke I'd snog your face off"
James and I have decided that the evidence is overwhelming - she basically fancies Alex, and it's pretty obvious that she practically worships her. She wasn't too keen on us saying it though - very funny conversation :o)

PS Semisonic's new single, "Chemistry", is OK. I downloaded it. It's not overly remarkable, but then again, most of the singles weren't. On the other hand, Goo Goo Dolls - So Far Away is a bloody excellent song - John Rzeznik's voice is just so good, and the vocals on the track are just amazing overall. Get it now :o)


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