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Where's the sense in going to bed early if I'm just going to turn my alarm off and fall back into a deep sleep, thus missing my lecture? Still, as I see it, there's a crucial difference between accidentally missing a lecture, and doing it deliberately - the latter is what I spent last year doing. My next lecture is at 4pm, I don't think I'll have a problem getting in for that. I also need to pay for sportsfed membership, and get my card done for that, so that I can actually attend Frisbee stuff without breaking the rules.

Too sleepy to make sense, so instead, I present - the CompSci surrealism thread on the mailing list.... For no apparent reason...

> > > It's a dog collar that shoots laser beams! It self-replicates and
> > > doesn't take no for an answer.
> >
> > I thought Sir Real Lism was a bloke who discovered anchovies on a
> > previously undefined plane at heathrow, thursday 28th Feb
> >
> > probably
> >
> > tom 'yes. good. now sit down.' parkinson
> >
> Tom,
> You are in error - anchovies were not discovered, they were invented, at a
> quarter to Monday, back in the eleventies... You are, in fact, thinking of
> the battery-operated egg.
> Happy to help,
> James.

Thats a blatent falsification. Anchovies were not invented, they were a
genetic accident caused by the sudden increase in radioactivity during
the dinosaur extinction. Anchovies were originally a giant sea monster
that could walk and ate in restaurants but they mutated into what we see
today. Surreal? Thats just science.


Update: Since they rejected my previous request for my dissertation, I have a new one. A natural language interface onto a news/mail client. Woo :o)


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