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I just shuffle around in every direction trying to find somewhere I feel settled, and I never manage it, so I just keep running back and forth... And life has a habit of throwing things at me, and I have to just shoot them out of the air before they destroy me... And the more I avoid them and solve the problems, the more life throws at me in different shapes and sizes, until I'm finally overwhelmed and let myself be destroyed.

At that point I suddenly realise what a good metaphor for life Quadnet really is... You keep your wits about you, act on instinct, everything comes down to reflexes, and your ability to work out where everything stands... I should play it less.

Today has been a good day... Went into Uni for a lecture, spoke to Vicky and stuff, sat vaguely next to Fiona (if you recall, she's the girl I pulled about two years ago at the Freshers ball), didn't say a word to her, as per. Not spoken to her in two years. Go me. Or something.

(she deserved it)

Shock my system with charisma, leave you breaking in my wake. Lost my faith, I've lost my faith, I've lost my crucial time and place. And it's hard to say you're sorry...

After Maths, I spoke to Shed briefly, cue innuendo about my guitar, then met up with shanu and "did computers" for a bit. Wandered off back to his, with (?)Richie(?)... Whatever his name was, he was the guy who tried to sign me up for the Navy type thing at the Freshers fair, in return for me trying to sign him up for Frisbee. Everything is connected.

Played guitar with Shanu. It rocked. We rocked. Most of the time we were just doing our own things, over the top of each other, but we did manage an actual song. He's written one, which follows rules. Yes, as in, no three consecutive notes, and it's done with proper chord progressions. Which meant that through knowing which chords were in it, I knew which notes to improvise lead for. Thus, I played a lead part over his chords, which was great fun, and sounded quite good, in my opinion. Over the next few days, I'll make something up, then tab it out, improve it, and learn it. Then it was time to go, so I wandered the mile or so back to my house, guitar on back. It's good, living in the same city as my friends :o)

As discussed previously, am going clubbing tomorrow night with Cat, if all goes well, so I spent tonight indoors, relaxing, getting stoned with Jimbo, watching TV. Worthwhile pursuits, I'm sure. Coupling was, once again, hilarious. I say again, it's the best thing on TV right now. That was followed by The Office, which was cringe-making in the extreme, naturally in the best way possible. And then, after a brief interlude (and I can't remember what filled that), we watched Alan Partridge, which was also cringe-making, perhaps even moreso than The Office. Still, it's all good :o)

So, my next lecture is in eight hours from now. I ought to think about sleeping shortly, I guess...

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Out of no disrespect to you or your opinons I must say again:


Sorry, I'm sick of it. Way to ruin a good monday night lineup BBC!

Still, Partridge is coming back, maybe the BBC don't suck.

Coupling rocks by the way

Btw? But you didn't make an inital statement.

And it's terrible. The sooner it gets replaced the better.


Hi, I dig you man.

buh? was it new Alan Partridge?

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