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Ying tong iddle I po
Well, I'm awake, and it's only 1pm, which isn't bad going considering the time it took me last night to fall asleep. You'd think that after all the physical exertion of running around for two hours, I might be able to have a nap, but apparently not. My boredom last night was compounded by the fact that though I got back at eleven (reasonably early), everybody had already gone to bed. What kind of student house is this? Oh well, on with the show, such that it is...

Today, I am The Man in Grey, because that's more or less all the clothes I have left. And since that reminds me of a Goon Show quote (which only 2% of you will have probably heard of, and 1% of you will recognise), I shall now.. uh.. quote it...
Secombe: To commence this night of debauchery, we present the world's mixed bathing champion of 1931 - the man in black - Mr. Valentine Dyall.
Valentine Dyall: Allow me to correct you, little pigmy man. I am no longer the man in black; I am now the man in grey!
Secombe: What brought about this change?
Valentine Dyall: A very cheap dry cleaners.
Secombe: Very well. Mr. Dyall, the floor is yours but remember, the roof, is ours.
There are few comedy phenomena more surreal and funny than the Goon Show.. I wonder if it can be downloaded on KaZaA...

Anyway, I have a lecture at 2pm until 2:50pm, so I shall go in for that. I'll take my guitar, so that I can go back via Shanu's house, and we will jam for a bit. Clusterfuck owns you all. I ought to make our little logo at some point really, it'll be a bastardised Kellogg's one. But yes, this afternoon there will be music, and noise, and all manner of coolness, for we rock. Afternoons tend to be followed by evenings, and this will be no exception - there will be an evening, and in this evening, I may go to Club New York, depending on peoples' plans. I'm trying to get Cat into Brighton clubs and stuff, so if I don't manage to get her to Club New York tonight, then I might be able to get her to go to The Escape tomorrow. We shall see.

Update: They do have The Goon Show on KaZaA, so I'm now downloading about twenty hours of the stuff. Hooray! :o)

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::listens for the sound of Jamie riding a wall at speed::

Yes, the Goon Show is comic mastery. I have a couple of them on LP. I think most are available from the BBC on tape/CD as well. I certainly remember my uncle's former landlord, Brin, used to have every one broadcast on Minidisc. Bastard. :-)

Did you see the tribute to Spike Milligan a few days ago. Wonderful, so it was.

Someone shut me up, please? I think I'm rambling....

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