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Latest Evening
Oh my God! Only one single brandy! How unusual....

So anyway, been out to the Grapevine with James, Vicky, Lulu, Annie, Joyce, Mice, Ebs, Harry, Alex, et al... I had just a brandy and a coke, which lasted me the entire evening. Had a good laugh, met James's mate Harry along with his friends. James spent much of his time drinking many pints, and talking to Laura... Vicky drifted around between different men, and Lulu and myself just sat there, drinking and chatting. Harry almost got me mad, see protected post...

Um, we then went to some party at 5 Lewes Court, where things were very boring. The whole place was too hot, and smelled of draw. So Sarah and I left, and went home. Not much else has happened that I'm talking about on a public post... :o)


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