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Phew.... I've just been on a run - totally knackered now...

James and I ran (or otherwise perambulated) to the sports centre, then up to Stanmer park, then up the hills, then over the fields, and finally under a barbed wire fence to get back to the Uni. High spots included the freshly ploughed fields, which were partly iced over, and partly crumbly - you'd slide into the areas where you immediately sink. My shoes kept filling with dry mud, which wasn't much fun. I had to stop a number of times on the way, but that's just because it was so bloody knackering. He was as tired as I was, he was just determined to "beat the pain barrier". I was of the more pain-avoidance opinion, so....

Anyhow, after that, I had a shower. God, a shower has never felt so good as just now. Doubt I'll go out tonight, but I may pop into the Grapevine for a while. I just figured out that the lovely Courvoisier brandy I bought contains 14 units. This is equivalent to just 7 doubles. Which, in turn, would cost me £2.60 each, thus costing me about £18. And I only spent £10 on the bottle. A significant saving, I think. This way, when we're going out to a club, I can get drunk cheaply at home with them, and then not spend too much when out. This is very good, since I need to be saving money right now... Mmm, Cognac :o)

In vaguely annoying news, Alex, Harry and Caroline kept phoning me last night while I was in the process of being violently ill. This vexed me much, since I kept on having to turn my phone off to avoid them. Very inconsiderate of them, really :o)

Um, nowt else to say. I'm off to eat now, I'll update more on my return...

Time Passes

Success! I made my Minced Turkey Korma, and it was great. Cooked the turkey (750g) until brown, then added most of a carton of yoghurt, and most of a jar of korma paste. Stirred, left simmering for about 45 minutes, and then serverd with about 6 slices of bread and butter. Both James and Vicky tried some, and both were very impressed by my culinary skills (since I guessed all volume and time measurements). And now I've had a lot of food, ready for going out tonight. Although I might not - I do have an excuse (i.e. ill all last night). Either way, I'm happy :o)

Mind you, I am a bit miffed. I didn't get my packages from the porter, so I have to wait. I have three waiting - a Maplin catalogue, some components, and the DVD of The Shawshank Redemption. I want them now, but I have to wait until tomorrow. Oh well. More later...

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a maplin catalogue counts as a package??
just how big are the things anyway?

Phew, you obviously haven't ever seen a Maplin catalogue... They are *Beefy*, with a very big B. I usually get them sent to me occasionally just so I can have this impressively thick looking magazine sitting on my desk

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