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Just shaved Jimbo's head... Though I was asked to, it's not like I just went up there and did it at random... Four weeks until Edinburgh, which means four weeks until I get my mohawk - it's kinda expected... So basically, this weekend I'll probably do something stupid to my hair... Dye it blonde with blue streaks or something, I dunno... All given the fact that most of it will be gone in a month anyway, so I can do as I please...

It's weird, I really miss my old sleeping pattern... Like, I really really do... Or, rather, the things that it allowed me to do. No more can I wander a few miles up the sea front at 4am... It's all rather depressing really, not being able to just go out at any time of night and just go for a walk - all because I actually have things to do these days... If I do that stuff, my best bet would be to do it on a Wednesday, since I don't have lectures until 2pm on a Thursday... Oh well...

Anyhow, Frisbee practice this afternoon, followed by a party at Felix's...

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feel like being honest here:

your hair will suck ass like that dude.

almost as much as mine does

It's only temporary, for the frisbee tournament :o)

Four weeks until Edinburgh, which means four weeks until I get my mohawk

Thats possibly not a good idea if you are to go out around Edinburgh - it will get you noticed and, being English, likely beaten also!

Our whole team will have them, and chances are, I'm not going to wander off without the rest of 'em :o)

Good good! :0)

Be careful - the Scots really do not like the English as I learnt through bitter pain!

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