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(no subject)
My shoulder is playing up again.. I hope it'll be okay by tomorrow - I can't think what I've done to it...

So, earlier, went in for my maths lecture. Went to registration to sort out my council tax exemption, went in the back way, skipped a half-hour queue again, because damnit, if I managed to avoid the queue once, then I refuse to get caught by it the second time. Managed to see Rob, Dan, Petra and Petri there - it's great when I can just wander around campus and see people I know. Makes me feel like I've actually made an effort socially somewhere along the line...

Anyway, after that, hung out with Shanu, we went to Falmer Bar for some chips and coke, and to talk band stuff. Then came back here, where he played some really good riffs on my guitar and then got depressed because he thinks he sucks. I wanted to hit him. He rocks. I have to learn this one riff he was doing, because it sounded great... I think it was from a Snuff song, but I can't be sure... Still, all was good.

But then you came around me
The walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me
And keep me from my fears
I'm unprotected
See how I've opened up
Oh, you've made me trust

Because I've never felt like this before
I'm naked
Around you
Does it show?
You see right through me and I can't hide
I'm naked
Around you
And it feels so right

What can I say, I like these songs... Anyway, plan for tonight is to relax, yet again... Relaxing is good :o)