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I am the jammiest bastard who ever did live... I got into Uni for my next lecture, and then realised that not only do I not need to take that course, but that the lecture I missed on Monday was a part of it. Now, rather than having attended two out of four lectures, I've attended two out of three - a better record :o)

And then, in a skillful move that I never thought would work, I jumped the registration queue... It wasn't my fault - Council Tax Exemption needs to be sorted by tomorrow, and I hadn't even got a student card (we were meant to pick them up at the end of last term, but as part of my laziness kick I didn't). So I went to get one, found I need to register first, but that's meant to happen tomorrow too. Not wanting to risk it, I turned up, "excused me" and "coming through"'d my way through the entire queue (stretching quite a distance), walked in, asked to speak to whoever was in charge, who got me registered in 30 seconds, I picked up my loan form, went and got my student card, and turned an hour's worth of queueing and filling out forms into a minute of being a total bastard.

Well, y'know, I've queued for registration twice in my life, and it bored me to tears - this time, I managed to avoid that completely. And now I'm registered, have my loan, have my new student card, and have council tax exemption. All because the new improved Jamie has the balls to actually just go to the front of the queue if he feels that he needs to (and in fairness, I wasn't trying to register, I was just trying to talk to the guy in charge so that he could verify my status as a student so I could get my card - I wasn't trying to jump the queue)

Anyhow, just saw Petra, spoke to her for a minute, and now I'm sat in the computer rooms waiting for the hour to pass before I go play Ultimate Frisbee again... I'm just really happy that I've sorted out the most strenuous and annoying part of the first week, all in one little go... Hooray :o)

The down side is that I'm doing 24 credits this term, and 60 next term. Which means next term is going to be f'ing difficult. I only do 132 credits overall anyway... The Biology course I'm taking next year is worth the same as both my courses this term combined... And then I'm doing two (harder) maths courses on top of that too... Fun. Well, you know me, I like a challenge :o)

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there were supposed to be queues?

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