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Collaborate and Listen
Han Solo is officially the most hardcore man in the universe. When confronted by Darth Vader, personification of evil, he grabs his blaster and shoots at him. You have to admire that, he's got balls....

"I love you" ... "I know"

The Empire Strikes Back gets better every time I watch it.. Especially the bits with Yoda, given how he is in Episodes 1 and 2... And it's still three years before the next one, damnit...

Decided against going out tonight, because I can't afford to keep doing this.. I'm being silly with money... I'm buying economy food so I can afford more stuff, and then on the way back from the shops I give a couple of quid to homeless people. Kinda defeats the point really... It's automatic these days - see person, give money... It's important to me... Or something...

So yeah, I'm saving money tonight. Then pub after Frisbee tomorrow, probably. Then going out with Shanu on Thursday, and going to a house party on Friday night.. Ah, the things I go through for the sake of being sociable... :o)

Tonight has been mostly eating, talking to people, watching The Empire Strikes Back, and stuff... Fun....

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(Deleted comment)
Stop! Collaborate and listen! Ice is back with a brand new edition...

..or something to that effect. Ha.. sad that I know that, really.

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