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I am a master of my own destiny
Okay, so the evening.. Wandered down to the seafront with Claire, Harry, Alex and Mice, with the intention of going to 80s night at The Zap. Stood in a queue for ages, and then suddenly everybody behind us in the queue managed to jump in front, because they were all Brighton Uni students, and had wristband things to get in ahead of the regular people. Frustrating? You don't know the half of it...

So when we were stood in the queue, a couple of people behind us was this really nice looking girl... She kept looking at me, I kept looking at her, then we were exchanging smiles, you know how it is... But then when everybody got in the club before us, and the bouncers told us we'd probably not get in at all, she went off with her friends. I like to pretend that had I actually got into the club, that I might have actually maybe perhaps got somewhere there... It's not the least reasonable assumption to make. However, I feel that I won the moral victory, and at least proved to myself that I can be attractive. It's an important thing for me.....

Considered going to the Honey Club, but realised that would be packed out too, and so I didn't bother... Instead, I went up to Club New York, for Rock/Alt/Metal night. Got in, sat down, listened to the music for a bit... Glanced over and saw Petra (this being Shanu's Petra, rather than Jimbo's/Frisbee's Petra), so I went over to say hi. Then I realised that the guy next to her with a mohawk was in fact Shanu. He didn't recognise me at first, having only ever seen me once with brown hair, but after much pretend punching, we finally sat down to enjoy some bad Limp Bizkit or Hed P.E. or whoever they were playing.

Oh, and Petra made some reference to me pulling Shanu, which was amusing... I was like "Yeah, I've had him", etc... :o)

Anyway, listened to some songs, then it got to about quarter past twelve, and I decided that with my 9:15 lecture tomorrow I should head home. Just as I was getting out of the door, I got a text from Rach, and decided that I wanted to say goodnight to her online, so I ran all the way home. It's not far, but I ran constantly, which was quite a feat - Frisbee has clearly been improving my fitness levels quite dramatically if I can do that. Got home, spoke to her, love her to bits... :o)

So, lecture tomorrow morning... Dunno if I'll make it, but I'll give it a shot at least. Then there's another tomorrow afternoon.. Then either Escape with flatmates, or Gloucester with Shanu and Sarah tomorrow night - not sure which one... Either way, I'm probably going to be doing something every night this week - welcome to the new hardcore Jamie (not in the porn sense)....

And Finally
FaceParty is funny... I got this message:
hi this is sammy what u been up to do u like having fun i live in worthing are u looking for a girl at the moment
If I could inject commas intravenously into this girl, I would.....

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It's cool to just be able to turn up at a club and see him randomly :o)



say hi from me next time you see him randomly

Inject...commas...intravenously...*coughs from laughing so hard*

*passes out from lack of oxygen*

Well, y'know, alternatively if commas came in suppository form.....


Maybe I could wrap a few up like that and sell them as such.

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