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I'm feeling better now. After a good few days of not being well, accompanied by much spewing of guts last night (not to mention other unmentionable symptoms), I'm now feeling good again. I'm even in a workshop right now - a computing for maths one. Still not at 100%, but getting better all the time now.

You know you've been out of action for too long when you run into two flatmates on the way to your lecture, who both make remarks about having believed you to be dead. I mean ouch... Oh well, could be worse - I could actually be dead...

Anyway, so what's new... Had a chat with Vix earlier on, she's now got to go talk to Jimbo about a load of stuff. Spent much of last night playing Keen 4 with James, who used to play it as a kid too, and absolutely loves the game. Had great fun with it, it was really good to play it again. I'll put 'em all on disk for him, I think... Oh, plus, I'm joining the Surfing club with James - we decided we needed to join more things, and this is a good way. I'm sending for my wetsuit, and just praying that it still fits. It should..... :o)


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