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(I did answer truthfully and everything....)

How Does *Your* Dick Rate?

Watched a movie with the others which apparently ought to have left me feeling disturbed... 8mm, starring Nicholas Cage... I'm not entirely sure what was meant to shock or provoke me, but the whole thing was kinda bland... Sure, killing people, etc., but it's been done before... When one's compassionate soul is eclipsed by the expressive creative soul, then you start to lose the ability to be upset, and start looking at the way in which you were meant to be upset, and how the message went across. I'm not entirely sure whether it's a good or bad thing, it seems to be both.

Otherwise, my evening has been quiet. Everybody is home now, and we all seem to be managing to get along, which is something at least... We'll just have to see how long that lasts. Apparently, lectures start tomorrow rather than Tuesday, so I might well have to go in for that... I'll at least make an appearance on campus, if only to find out when my lectures really are. I think I'm on nine lectures per week this term, although that remains to be confirmed. That doesn't include time to be spent on my final year AI project though...

Ah, wait, stop the presses, etc... I've found a hitch... Now that I look at the timetable, one of my courses has been pulled, so now I have to change them all around. I'm certainly doing Graph Theory this term, I know that much... And I guess I could do Ring Theory, if only because Ste goes on about it so damned much. And also Probability Models, just because it looks like the sort of thing that I tend to have a knack for. This is looking to be a fairly simple term then - I have one thing I did in Further Maths, one thing I'm naturally good at, and if Ring Theory is anything like complex numbers, group theory and algebra (like it says it is), then I'll be fine...

Okay, that wasn't the emergency it seemed to be before... Then in the last term, I'm doing Coding Theory, and either Random Processes or Decision Theory, depending on which direction I want to go with the probability... Most likely the former...

Right... Now I've got my year sorted. Woo :o)

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ring theory is a lot like group theory. and its grrrreat :)

Well I'm holding you responsible for my choosing it :o)

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