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I'm utterly knackered, but in the good way... I'm feeling fit, healthy and refreshed...

So, after rather vigorously taking my t-shirt off, I managed to cut my gums and lips. A handy note to self right now would be "Don't punch yourself in the face", but I think I've got it by now. It left me looking very unattractive and bloody, but then again, I was playing frisbee with a load of guys, so I was going for 'ard rather than pretty anyway. So all was good.

Walked the mile or so to Preston Park, but it was nice out, so that was fine. When I got there, we had a chuck around for a bit, and then did a quick flow drill, followed by a slightly more complex version than the one we do at practice (because we hardly had any beginners there). Then it was into a game, where I managed to keep almost doing well. I fumbled a throw in the end zone that I should've just dived for, which was annoying, and then I spent a lot of time marking Juan and Felix, who are both rather good... Still, every time I mark them, it just teaches me new ways to evade my marker in future... Then three times, a disc came in, and I was on D, and I almost knocked it out of the air. I got my fingers to two low shots and deflected them, but both times an attacker got hold of them. Then the third time, a high hammer came in (where the disc is upside down), and I only managed to nudge it upwards a little, but couldn't get onto it to do anything... Oh well.

Then I just about redeemed myself by catching a tricky hammer that Jimbo threw me, and immediately got it to Pigeon in the end zone, so that's all okay... It's good being on Jimbo's team, I can catch almost anything he's likely to throw at me, especially his hammers, just because I've done it so many times... Anyway, we can from 5-3 down to win 9-5... That's six points in a row - we were on fire.

Then I ran part of the way back, and walked the rest... Good exercise... And I've got a message on FaceParty that amuses me greatly... The first one went thus
we'd jus like 2 let u know that u r proper tick m8 and we saw u at Reading. it woz a good 1.
hit me bck
So naturally I respond with "You saw me at Reading? Weird" etc... And I get this:
yes we saw the pink hoody. ny n8 was followin u aroubd coz she wanted a piece but she gave up after a while coz all u did was carry on walkin or look rite past her. did u hear any1 call out pinky wen u was abut?

So there we go, somebody could've had "a piece", apparently... After Gemma, RandomGirl, Rach, Danuek, Sarah, Shanu, Spidrak and Sophia got their pieces, I'm not sure there was any left though... Still, 'tis very amusing :o)

Might be going swimming with Jimbo in the morning, depends how much exercise we really want to do. I think both of us are really looking to get fit, so it might be an idea....

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THAT was her name!


I never forget the name of anybody I pull. It's important :o)

yet i went bungeejumping with her and forgot. Go me! :-)

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