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Gah, only an hour before I have to go to Frisbee - doing it every other day gets stressful... That, and I'm not sure how many people are going to turn up to this one, since it's not in the regular place, and half the girls will be in London on their special girls-only thing anyway... So it might well just be good players, which will get annoying, since they all treat me like a beginner. And I know I am a beginner, but I'm less of one than half the people. I guess the point is, I'm reluctant to go there and be in the bottom half, ability-wise. Ho hum....

Well at least I know the rules of the game, that's something I guess... And I doubt I'll go on Tuesday, because it's indoors, and I need new trainers (which I probably won't have by then). So I guess I get two days off after this one, for, y'know, lectures and stuff...

I feel generally sleepy... Damnit.... I really feel like going back to bed right now. And I don't feel overly talkative. Which is odd for me :o)


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