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I've fallen in love with JJ72... I'd heard Formulae on some music TV channel at home, and thought it was really good, so I decided to download some stuff, and it's all really good... Fantastic vocals, good strong guitar (but easy enough that I can play pretty much all the songs), and all very melodic... Am highly impressed by it all...

The only problem is that I swear these guys have a sense of rhythm and timing closely approximating mine. I've not got a metronome out yet, but I'm sure they're keeping shit time and the chorus picks up in the middle of a beat rather than on it, etc... It's doing my head in, trying to play along to it....

Random: Look how beautiful Rohan looks... I can't wait for this movie...

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Sorry... i dont know where that came from : (

*looks worried*

Stop stealing my thoughts, boy!

First, yes, JJ72 are wonderful. But I realised it first, so you should thank me.

Second, yes, Rohan looks amazing, as does all the rest of the film. I can't wait to see it, especially as it comes out just after I finish my Oxford interview. How appropriate.

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