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Shopping List
I'm going shopping with James and Lulu tomorrow. Here's what I need to buy, subdivided in a way that only I understand :o)

Group 1:
Peanut Butter, Marmite, Bacon (the stuff I got today was minging, I had to bin it)

Group 2:
Apples, Pears, Grapes, Nectarines, Bananas, Strawberries, Raspberries, Tinned Peaches, Tinned Pineapple

Group 3:
Cereal, Sugar, Icecream

Group 4:
Pizza bases, Ham, Mixed Herbs

No prizes will be awarded for guessing the exact makeup of my meals for the next little while... :o)

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I am going shopping tomorrow too!!!!

Also I'll be looking for a job, ARGH! I am going to be buying pasta sauce, bread, milk, yogurts and other stuff that can be made in to meals by me, ie not much! C u Bex.

Re: I am going shopping tomorrow too!!!!

What do you mean "and other stuff"? That's all you can make - your parents have told me all :o)

Re: I am going shopping tomorrow too!!!!

I can make noodles, soy sauce and cheese in to a nice meal, anyhoo I might be branching out! (into frozen food but the cooker is realllly bad)

Group 1 is clearly breakfast things.
Group 2 is clearly health crap.
Group 3 is clealy snacks and nicities.
Group 4 is clearly meal components.

I expect your meal make-up will be of the items you listed above, and items remaining in cupboards and frigdes, but cooked or mixed into some concotion.

What is my prize?

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