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I write some utter crap when I'm on the beach at 3am...
Waiting for lights to go green
As if they ever do, or ever will
But you have to have hope
Or at least a happy delusion

The sky turns red to make a point
And still I'm waiting for green
And I'd wonder if it would ever come
If I thought that that would help

The stars sparkle in laughter
While I'm still waiting in the cold
Because I know that if I don't look away
Then the lights might finally go green

And as I look up at the stars
They shine and smile back at me
Because they know that I'll be waiting
For as long as it takes me to see that

It's all up to me and it's my decision
And as soon as I realise that
The lights turn green, if only in my head
And I can go again
See? Anyway, yeah, wandered down to the beach last night, which was good... I love the sea at night, 'tis so peaceful. Anyway, Frisbee in four hours, so I should probably eat enough to survive through three hours of running, or I'll probably just die. And that's not good.


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