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Still here. Still alive. Just going through some stuff.

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Yes yes . . still there, James . . STILL TOTALLY FUCKING ADORABLE :o) *sigh* I love seeing you on my friends page . .

Can somebody please help this girl, have you met James????? ...Because he is of course adorable in real life, honest Webley, would I lie?
Glad to know you are alive by the way and eating well!

1\ Do not use angled brackets. When you know something about the Internet, you'll know that it generally messes things up

2\ Naff off with your sarcasm

3\ Have a nice day :o)

Nopers . . haven't met James . . but I love that picture of him . . *sigh*

Awww... Thanks sweety :o)


a) I know naff all about the internet,
b) you lurve my sarcasm, its the only way we communicate
c)I can't remember what I was going to say.

Stephie, don't worry about not having met James, I can see how the pic may have fooled you but you wait....argh!!!

Indeed you do know naff all about the Internet. Or LiveJournal. Click the "reply" button on the thing you're replying to, not the lowest one on the page. Otherwise, I shall have to spank you silly.

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