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I'm awake once more.... Got up, watched Neighbours with Roof and Jimbo, then found that I can't stand up. Stupid limbs, stupid exercise. I'll get better at it though... Just got a vaguely rude phone call from somebody, not sure who, but they wanted Jimbo, so that's all okay. I dunno why I bother answering the house phone if nobody is in - the answer phone will take a message, which is all I'm good for, since nobody who would call me has the number of this house. It's invariably a message for Harry about choir, or one of Jimbo's friends. Oh well...

Today's plan is to do nothing, on account of how I've not got the energy, and also, Jimbo's gone out without a key, so it's my duty to stay in the area in case he needs to get home. I offered, it beats me giving him my key for him to lose or something ;o)

Perhaps today is the day for website design, or something... Though having said that, I've kinda lost my motivation to do anything like that right now. Ho hum... Bored. Very bored. But that being said, there's still plenty I can do, such as lunch, and showering, and stuff....

Pointless facts

Most recently called numbers in my phone: David, Rach, Jimbo, Pizza Hut, Liam, Mummy, Anna, Home, Daddy, Clamu, This house, (then it gets back to all the calls my phone made at Reading while in Rachel's bag, which were many...)

Missed calls in my phone: Jimbo, Sarah, Daddy, Mummy, Milly, David, Bungey

Received calls: Sarah, David, This house, Home, Daddy, Bungey, Dave Downs, Mummy

Okay, that was just something to keep myself amused for a while... Time to do something...

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Millie, hey...
...that takes me back a month :)

Heh... I spoke to her in Australian :o)

heh, yeah, and we were nearly eaten by a terrifying demon :o)

Eaten? Maybe eventually, but first sliced open and played with....

Mike Wazowski!

Ooh, I rang you?
Was I drunk at the time, or was I doing a silly voice? : D

It was on the 4th of August at 1am, so it's anyone's guess...

kajtrjk!! You hate me so much. ;.; Add me back! Or .. I kill you. I read, I comment, and I slave over a hot stove for you! And you ignore all my requests. I am so offended.

J/K. Just add me back.

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