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Good Feeling
Here's a tip. Do nice things to people. I have to say, there's nothing nicer in the world than when...

Some homeless guy by the cashpoint asks you for spare change, but you don't really have any. So you go get cash out in the form of a tenner, get a couple of burgers, and then walk all the way back up the hill to the cashpoint, and give him the fiver change you got from Burger King. The look on his face when he says "Blimey! Thanks a lot!" can make the entire world seem such a nicer place, it really can. I know I can't afford to go around giving my money away, but to me that was but a drop in my financial ocean, whereas to him, that's not bad going at all.

Anyhow, in comparison, the rest of my day has been shite. But that one thing keeps me happy.

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Burgers. You can't for get the burgers...
That has to come a close second.....


*weak again* . . .

stop posting .. that picture is driving me wild . . . *faints*

You want me to go away and take my picture with me? Awww... :o(

No no no no no!!

I take that back!!!!!!!! I'll have to print out your pic and put it in my wallet or something :o)

*such* a cool thing to do

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