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I now have a few w3ords that might be educational to many people

See, if somebd0oy had sat me down and told me these bhings in advance, all would be goo. So liosten up.

For starters, a pub crawl is not a good idea if ou haven' eaten since the night before. Crsipss do not count.

Seoinlyt, and by that I mean secondly but when drunkj I don;t like backspace, one should never have lots of exercuse and then drink excessive vodka. Never. Eerf

Further to the previous point ,vinegar is not a substiatute for voidka, even in drinking games where your
e osing badly. Not even then is vinegar a good idea,. No

I think that's al teh applicable lessons I learnew to ay, but if I come upo with more, I;'ll let you know.

PS, you thinkn my typing is bad, but it's all a cunning fornt. So fuck off.


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