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After a slow start, and a quick break in which I went to the computing labs, the sports fair went well... The first half was slightly disappointing, what with most of the people turning me down when I tried to talk about Frisbee, and instead talking to Jimbo about it. But then when I went back, it had quietened down a bit, and I felt less pressured. At that point, Jimbo and I became machines, talking so many people into playing, it was great. He was still getting more people than me, but then this really gorgeous Scandinavian girl came along, and I managed to persuade her to come along to the practice tomorrow (after much effort). At the end, she asked if there'd be lots of English boys there, and when I said yes, she said she'd definitely be coming in that case. Which was cool. Then she walked past, Jimbo tried to get her to join, and when she told him that I'd already signed her up, it was such a great feeling. He might have won this thing by several hundred points, but I scored the last one.

Anyway, then I got a text from Claire telling me that she was on her way to Brighton, but hadn't got her key. Well, I decided to end on that high note, and come home to let her in, so that's where I am now. I might go back in a little while to help out a bit more - it's fun getting people to play Frisbee... But first I should eat, and watch Neighbours, obviously... But yeah, in general, it's been quite a good day, and I've ascertained that this year's Freshers are all looking great. Just an observation, y'know... :o)

Well, so Claire has been and gone, she's off to the sports fair to sign up for a few things - she wants to do more stuff this year too... When she comes back, we're gonna go out shopping, which ought to be fun. I need something to put badges on, since I have my AK ones... So that probably means I'll have to buy something distinctly girlie for the purpose. And if I don't find anything today, then I might find something tomorrow morning, when Rach and I go shopping, so that'll be good. Mustn't spend much though - I've been very good so far this term :o)


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