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The Setting
Well, it wasn't a very long day, let's just put it that way. 6 hours days are the way to go. Although it's now been extended by me being up for a long time. Let's review...

Went to the cinema to watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Very good, a little contrived and predictable, but very good. Full review later, perhaps.

Harry's Story
So let's see.... When I got back, went to the Grapevine, had a few drinks, ran out of money, stopped drinking. So far, my evening has been "fun". Harry came in, told me she still liked me and wanted to go back to how things were before (i.e. that we would be "this weird fucked up thing"). In my final attempt to get out of the situation, I had a pop at seducing her, but at the same time made it clear that it wasn't an emotional thing, and then faked a whole "Oh no, what have I just tried to do?" thing. I think that's sorted it - she's realised now that I don't like her how she likes me. That's one sorted.

Alex's Story
Then Alex found out that last night, when she found out that Brett (her one true love yadda yadda) had slept with his "evil bitch ex girlfriend short slimy troll" over New Year's, I had a huge grin on my face. I found it genuinely amusing - she's deluded herself into thinking that he likes her when all he's done is turn her down and ignore her, and now she feels like he's personally hurt her by sleeping with his ex. On the night she got drunk and asked him out, only to be turned down. Am I the only person who appreciates the irony (and downright humour) of this? Mind you, the grin was of course for Claire's benefit, who then told Alex, thus making Alex stop with the thinking that I'm the nicest guy in the world or something. I'm now well off the pedestal of hers, and free to go on without her thinking about me. Woo :o)

OK, so now, by a mechanism of manipulation, alienation, and pissing people off, I have finally come to a place where they're no longer after me. In the process, our friendships have suffered, but it's worth it for a trouble free life - it was just getting too much... I'm sorry to have to say that I had warned them in the past, I can be manipulative and downright evil if I want to be. So by basically fucking with Harry's head, and by hurting Alex, I've gotten out of my "situation". Additionally, in this situation the weakest link is Alex. She's most likely to forgive me, and go after me again. Harry has been put off for a good long while. However, if Alex ever finds out about the Harry thing, then that sorts me out for good. But I hope I don't have to use that... But I might. They should've listened when I warned them.......

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Is there any very good reason why you have now gone over to posting almost _exclusively_ with hidden posts?

You think I want them reading what I just posted??

You said they didn't use the Internet.

They have been known to do so.....

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