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I feel decidedly numb... Perhaps I can trivialise it as the absence of the green triangle and the white circles running around - yes, that must be it. Easier than examining the situation and diagnosing myself in some way that I'd rather ignore. Because ultimately, who wants to realise that something is wrong, eh?

Wait, fuck that. I had a big rant ready for this, but I recognise my condition already, and it's nothing so complicated as I fool myself. It's late, it's time for me to sleep, and that's all there is to it. I would do well not to forget that I always go a bit weird when I need sleep, and I've been exerting myself a fair bit over the last few days, so it's not surprising that I would need to go to bed. I've become rather good at noticing that a lot of the time, I'm not nearly as depressed as I think I am, and it's just tiredness. And as soon as I realise that the pain is an illusion, it kinda just goes away.

Before I go, I should say that I just got this message on FaceParty:

I read your profile and I felt that there is something special about you. So here I am writing couple simple lines to show you that I exist...:)
Anyway, maybe I'll see you around. Anything can happen.

That is quite possibly one of the most understated, sweet things anybody has said to me in a long time... It didn't put a massive grin on my face, but it put a smile in my eye that'll stick there for a long while yet :o)

So I think I'll have a shower, and then go to bed. Goodnight to anybody who is actually bothering to read this, you probably rule....

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I don't know why, but I keep up with your journal every once in a while :D I rule.

You don't rule unless I know who you are. So tell :o)

Hah. I'm just some guy who found out about your diary thru his girlfriend, so you don't know me yet. Tell me I rule because of that ^_^

kewl, you know therefore,

I Rule!!!

right?? thats what you said..........

You dont know me, but I rule... I'm Blue... 4th time commenter, long time reader... Boo...

absence of the green triangle and the white circles, eh? mine are little colored lights/dots that float around in the dark. my sister called them butterflies when she was little. lol, she was afraid they were going to eat her. isnt it funny was your mind does when youre tired?

i like the new user pic
you have very pretty eyes

wait a minute......
was that a compliment?!?
dear lord what have i done!?!

*takes it back*

Grr, I was gonna say what Vicki said but that crazy woman got there first.
You have great eyes :)

do i rule?

that user pic is possibly the best of yours i've seen. keep it :)

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