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I love the Chili Peppers... Lots... The contrast in this song is just amazing, the bass is great, and the vocals are oddly moving... But I mustn't get distracted - I'm meant to be on a mission to learn the new Lifehouse album, which requires me to listen to it overnight while I sleep, so that it gets into my head. I already really like several of the songs, so that's a good start... I've been thinking lately about what it is about music that makes it call out to the soul... And what it is that can make you almost hungry for a particular sound or melody, and the more you hear it, the less you need to hear it, and eventually you eat too much of it and get sick of it. But then you're hungry for another bit of music... The food of love...

If you blink you die

Jimbo is back, and drunk. Funny boy... And in ten hours, I'll be on campus, at the sports fair. He seemed surprised I was going, despite having told him several times that I was. Perhaps it's the alcohol in his brain... 'twill be good, I already know him, Petra, Felix, and a couple of others on the team. But there's not many people left - last year was mostly third years, which means that they've all buggered off. We need to recruit lots of Freshers, so I'll have to put my Talking To Strangers hat on for the day...

After the practice earlier, it occurred to me that my right arm is gonna be so worn out by next week... Played Frisbee Saturday, today, will be playing Wednesday, potentially Friday, Sunday... Oh well, anything that improves muscle tone is okay by me, I guess... But I dunno when I'm gonna get the chance to do my anaerobic exercises - I'd do it on the off days, but my arms tend to be a little worn out from the games... And this entire sentence is just one massive precursor to masturbation jokes, so bring it on :oP

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If you blink you die...

I think I said that to you once, didn't I?

On the bus into Manchester from David's house on that Sunday morning... It stuck with me :o)

And this entire sentence is just one massive precursor to masturbation jokes, so bring it on :oP

I had half typed out a masturbation joke before reading that.

You're good ;)

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