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So Jimbo went to the pub tonight with Laura - if only I could afford to go out... As it goes, I very much can't - I'm going out on Tuesday night and Wednesday night, so I really ought not spend any more right now. It would cost a lot, so instead, I elected to stay in and watch Coupling and The Office. Speaking of which, Coupling was fantastic...
I'm grappling with the most ancient dilemma of man - she likes me, but which end?
It is, quite simply, the funniest, and most clever program on the TV right now, without a doubt. It's just very very insightful - you spend the whole show just saying "Oh, that's so true", etc... Hmm, I'm writing crap... Being distracted by The Office... Also amusing, but often in a more painful way...
O: A great many of us feel that sex before marriage is a very bad thing
J: Well you're wrong - shagging's brilliant!
Ah.. Coupling.. Great stuff. And today's episode had Jeff, the geeky social loser one (i.e. the one I'm most likely to identify with) being come on to by Emilia Fox... As in, Emilia Fox who was in Randal and Hopkirk (deceased) - only rather than being quite good looking, she was.. how to describe this... Suffice it to say, looking like that, she totally makes me lits of celebrities that I have a crush on... Which is only three people long, so y'know, it's an achievement - maybe I should send her a certificate or something.

But yeah, my point is, she was looking so good... *sigh*

Right, now, time to maybe wash up.. or something... I dunno...

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It is, quite simply, the funniest, and most clever program on the TV right now, without a doubt. poor does comedy have to be to amuse you?

It is quite clever, but I think for laughs it's let down. It's not coupling but rather the "Jeff Show" for me, the weeks when the stories revolve around the other characters are pretty crap and very dull.

I think BBC comedies are losing it, well and truly. The Office was fairly good tonight, but not as good as the first series, same for The League Of Gentlemen. All you have to do is change to channel 4 and look at Phoenix Nights to see some real social commentary, done with laugh a minute wit and perfect representation of society.

Having said that perhaps the new series of Alan Partridge will save BBC2...the second series was genius. Quite literally laugh a minute.

But yeh - coupling is overrated. It's like a sitcom for readers of "More", a few naughty words and some relationship drivel. But hey, if you're as middle class as the characters maybe the word "penis" really is funny in any context <--not aimed at you ;)

Family Guy is still the funniest thing on far. That's real wit.

Those of us who've had various relationships in our lives appreciate the humour in Coupling. Those of us who sit around being losers appreciate Alan Partridge. No offence ;o)

I guess that's true, as my parents like it. But even they only laugh at Jeff and think the rest are crap.

And hey, you and your bro have posted alan partridge quotes in the past so if I suck then you do.

Heh, I like Alan Partridge. But not nearly so much as Coupling - there's something so very real about it all, and it's very cleverly presented...

As for Jeff, I don't like him that much, I have to admit, at times he's just too inept... But in general, the whole thing is still really funny :o)

While Coupling rules, The Office is infinitely superior. It is the best thing ever, but at the time the worst. And this series is so much better/worse than the last one. It made me want to die, but in the best possible way.

Okay, so that made no sense. I know what I mean even if no one else does.

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