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Oh shit...

The electricity for this house is done on a pre-pay basis. We're down to our last 50p in the machine, and our reserve has already been used up. Jimbo is out at the pub, so I have to run off to the shop to get some more electricity before the house stops working...


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We had that system last year... honestly get it changed! no matter how much you check it, it'll go off! last year it use to go off every monday morning (cos we'd all be in the house for the weekend). it's really annoying. =P

Yeah, it went off over the summer and one of the fridges went icky... But it's not up to us, it's up to the landlord I think, and none of us tends to talk to him much :o)

oh i see... but tyry and phone him... it's worth it, just for the hassel. eck... over the summer... eck! i think the worse would be when it would go out half way doing something (not great from computers). plus everyone would have to go to uni... and had to leave it till the evening... it was bad...

if you don't change it... get a big ass tourch! =) HAHAHAHA... ours came in handy

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