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*forces self to blink*

Okay, so now I've got Quadnet working.. I've been playing for ten minutes straight, and scored 78,761... Not sure if that's any good for a first try, but that's what I got.. It's very addictive, like, wow... Thus far I just use the propulsion to dodge a little, but for the most part I sit in the middle of the grid firing off shots in all directions (though with aiming and stuff, not randomly).. It's such a great concept, and really simple too. Just have to master it now.. :o)

But first - shopping.

*tries to blink*

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Dude I am sorry I never saw you before i went back time just disappeared, also i went to Menorca for a week and then had to shop :0)

Hoe you are well and enjoy your life as a 'jock' ahahahaha, ladieeeeeeeees!

Later Becca x

Get a couple of million, *then* talk ;)

I tell you, blinking will become a concious effort.

I'm past 100,000 now, but it's difficult - every time I stop playing, I lose all ability to do it. I have to play for ages to get back into it... :o)

go to and look at the world leaderboard :)

Is that acoustic demo an original song or is it a cover of the Gin Blossoms one?

It's a Gin Blossoms cover. They rule.


I must remember to hassle Jamie to send it to me.. somehow.

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