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Lying there in aimlessness and listening to the Cure
Tomorrow can't possibly come too soon... Frisbee, Freshers, Rach, Clubbing, it's all very very good. However, it does mean that my Tuesday and Wednesday are packed solid, and Thursday morning is hardly going to be an ideal time for me to get anything done. Which in turn means that if there's anything I have to do in the next few days, then it gets done today, or not at all.

I think my mini digicam is out of battery power - that means I'll have to buy an expensive little battery, or just not bother using it. I elect the latter option, because it involves less effort and expense - bonus. Heh, wow, I just remembered - I had a dream where I was up in Manchester, and all these girls had to design clothes for a fashion shoot, and wanted me to pose nude for the initial drawings. Dear lord, that was funny... Then I fell onto railway tracks, which was less funny....

At some point today, I ought to stock up on food. I need more bread and butter, and perhaps something microwaveable for when I'm too lazy to make grilled cheese... Ooh, that reminds me, I also need cheese slices. The aim right now though is to go down to Sainsbury's, pick up the food, and pay for it out of the change I have in my pocket right now. I have over a fiver, so provided I don't spend above that, it'll be fine - it's a neat little exercise in making me buy less...

I have the urge to record a song... But I'm not sure which one to do... I'd do Letters To God, but I can't sing it the way that Tom does, so I'd have to do it in a different style - quite hard, when the song uses both of the two styles I could conceivably do. I'm really rather in the mood for recording an acoustic version of something, but I'd need to find a song I could do. I'll have a think.

And later on, Jimbo and I are hopefully gonna go play Frisbee on the beach. Though, having said that, I dunno if I'm up to it - I still ache slightly from last time, and the next few days are going to be nothing if not tiring - perhaps I should just rest...

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Yeeeeeah sleep it's good for you.


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