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Today I learned the valuable lesson that the older a Saves The Day album is, the better it sounds. I've had Can't Slow Down since May, and yet only just opened it. And I'm really glad I did - it sounded really rather good. Very raw, heartfelt, if a little uber-emo. It even had the line
Every day seems the same to me I sit around and think about how alone I feel
I mean honestly, if there exists anything more emo than that, I'd love to hear it if only so that I could cry.

Tonight had been simple - talking to people online, and watching TV with Jimbo. Watched quite a bit of that deep-sea nature program on BBC1, which was actually really fascinating, and I learned a lot from it. It has all been incorporated into my scientific view of the universe and how it works - I like learning. That's the thing that reassures me that I actually do still have the willingness to learn and try - the fact that I do so love learning new things, provided they're interesting. Anyway, in between that, we watched a Jackie Chan movie - the plot (and especially the ending) kinda sucked, but overall it was good fun.

Anyway, the next few days are taking shape... Tuesday night looks like pub and clubbing, with Rach, Shanu, Sarah, Jimbo, Claire, Laura, etc. A weird fusion of various parts of my life, but hey, I'm up to the challenge. While I'd like to pay the Hobgoblin and Lunar a visit, I have a feeling it'll be Wetherspoons, just because it's cheap and vaguely friendly. Then onto the Escape, and then back here.

Sports-wise, the plans for the next few days are unfolding. Tuesday morning, I'll be on campus with Jimbo and Petra, recruiting people for the Frisbee team, which should be good fun. Random interactions with strangers, should be character-building. Spoke to her about it earlier, she asked if I was gonna sign up this year. Sadly, both her and her boyfriend have got to know me as "Jimbo", since that's what Jimbo calls me. The deal is, we're both called James, and we both call the other Jimbo for simplicity. Or complexity. Anyway, it gets annoying, because my friends call him Jimbo, and his friends call me Jimbo. Heh.

So yeah, Sports Fair on Tuesday. Then Wednesday, 2pm to 5pm is Frisbee practice. Need to make sure my clothes are sorted for that, and I've got my new football boots to wear to it. And after the practice, it's a pub crawl around campus with the team, which should be awesome, especially since there's gonna be loads of people out since it's Freshers week. And I will get utterly hammered, unless I'm still feeling the effects of Tuesday. We shall just have to see. Ooh, maybe Rach can come along to the practice and watch me being crap. Or maybe she'll have better things to do ;o)

Things are falling into place nicely. I've been active, I'm getting to bed at a reasonable time, I've been going onto campus, I'm ready for the sports stuff... All in all, I might have got my life sorted out a bit :o)

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Saves The Day stuff

I fucking TOLD you, you cunt.

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